During more than 65 years the following projects have been completed:


During WWII Swiss citizens in Bogotá help Swiss soldiers and war victims.

• 1943

At the end of the war, the Foundation continued work for neglected and unprotected children in Bogotá with education, health and nutrition programs.

• 1945

Swiss ladies consolidate the Obra Suiza .

• 1947

Asociación Obra Suiza is (incorporated, chartered).

• 1949

O. S. becomes a non-profit, non-government organization obtaining its Legal Status.

• 1970

The Swiss House of the S.O.S. Aldea for Children is equipped and furnished, sponsoring its ten orphans.

• 1971

Construction of Jardín Helvetia - Kindergarten in Bogotá´s Prado Veraniego neighborhood.

• 1973

After many years of volunteer work, OS donated a Laser equipment and T.V. circuit for the Departments of Orthopedics and Burn Center at the Misericordia Children´s Hospital of Bogotá.

• 1984

Construction of Jardín Obra Suiza – Kindergarten in Bogotá´s El Codito district.

• 1990

After the earthquake in the Departamento del Quindío, nursery schools and libraries were rebuilt and a Health Care Center was constructed in alliance with Colegio Helvetia of Bogotá and the Swiss government.

• 1998 - 1999

Construction of a Community Center in San Carlos de Tibabuyes, in Bogotá´s Suba district.

• 2002 - 2004

After 60 years of existence Obra Suiza is legally transformed into La Fundación Suizo Colombiana

• 3 de noviembre 2009

The Community Center of San Carlos de Tibabuyes is handed over to its community organization (JAC – Junta de Acción Comunal ).

• 2014

the FSC continues with its different programs and activities, introducing new ones, like art auctions, all aimed at obtaining funds for the future construction of another Community Center focused more towards helping youngsters to find work.

• 2015 Actualidad

Construcción de un Centro Comunitario de artes y oficios para niños y jóvenes en la localidad de Suba.

• Futuro inmediato