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Some of Our Achievements

Jardín Helvetia - Kindergarten

In 1973 OS participated in the construction and development of this nursery in the Prado Veraniego district. It consisted of a crèche, different levels of pre-school, a dentist´s and a doctor´s practice. 250 children attended the nursery. Some years later it was handed over to the local government.

Jardín Obra Suiza – Kindergarten

Built entirely with OS funds in 1990 in the Codito district of Bogotá, the kindergarten was managed by OS during ten years before it was turned over to the Bienestar Familiar, a local government agency. The FSC continues to support this institution with material for the education of its 240 children and with monetary help for different activities.

Centro Comunitario San Carlos de Tibabuyes – Community Center

OS started its construction in 2002; it consists of a large community room, a kitchen, two offices, a playroom, a computer center and a library. One of its objectives was to help children of low income families to receive personalized learning assistance in order to be able to finish high-school. In 2014, after managing the center during ten years, it was handed over to the community organization (JAC – Junta de Acción Comunal) and its leaders.