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About us?


In 1943 the Swiss Embassy invited the ladies of its colony living in Bogotá, Colombia, to support injured soldiers and civilians in Switzerland during WWII. At the end of the war, this group decided to continue working together to help the needy in Bogotá.

For this purpose Obra Suiza was founded in 1949.

Under the chairmanship of the Swiss ambassador´s wives, and thanks to their dedication and the donations of Swiss companies and Swiss residents in Colombia, the Foundation undertook a number of projects for the care of children while their mothers were at work.

In November 2009 Asociación Obra Suiza was transformed into Fundación Suizo Colombiana (FSC), as a platform of cooperation for Colombian residents in Switzerland and for Swiss residents in Colombia. The FSC continues to support projects initiated by OS in the district of Suba, a Bogotá suburb.


The FSC mission is to dignify people and their surroundings with social and educational programs, improving their life conditions and constructing a more egalitarian society.


Our vision for 2025 is to be recognized, as an organization that has promoted social development and improved life conditions for children and youngsters in Colombia.

  • Solidarity
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Freedom
  • Fraternity
  • Equality