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Other Fundraising Activities and Alliances

The FSC has alliances with the Swiss Embassy, with de ACDCA (Asociación de Damas Diplomáticas) in Bogotá and with the Alumni and Parent Association of the Colegio Helvetia.

In 2015 the FSC together with the Ministry of Culture and the German Embassy helped finance the project of the ¨San Pacho Festivities 2016¨, with the youngsters of Quibdó, in the Chocó region.

The FSC also organizes concerts, bingos and other fundraising events, has donated books to different school libraries such as:

  • San Carlos de Tibabuyes
  • Conjunto Residencial Las Margaritas,
  • Biblioteca Comunitaria del barrio los Alcaparros en Suba
  • Rural schools in Tenjo a town near Bogotá
  • Schools in the Qindío and Chocó region

In 2016 it collected and sent clothing, blankets, mattresses and other equipment to the flood victims of the rainy season.